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 Iceland Wedding

Iceland Private Tours specializes in custom designing travel packages in Iceland – including weddings and honeymoons. We work with specialists in every field so we can cater to most needs and wishes. Whether you want a small and intimate wedding in an old turf church or something a bit more elaborate with a large reception in a tent of the black sand beach – our team can arrange for all your needs and most wishes.

‚Location, location, location‘
As in retail, location is important – selecting the venue that fits your personality and style. We know Iceland intimately so we can help you find the location and settings meets your wishes. Do you want a wedding at a 4* country side hotel such as Hotel Ranga or Hotel Budir with a view to glaciers and volcanoes – or away from civilization, on the black sand beach or where the tectonic plates meet – or something completely different. We have plenty of ideas but we would love to hear yours and make them happen.
There are many things to consider; the facilities available, transport and logistics, catering,  photography – which we can make easy for you.

Unique wedding locations in Iceland

The Paperwork               
Luckily Iceland is small and rather easy so the paperwork is not too complicated but of course it‘s not something that you want to be bothered with and you will need assistance from a local who knows what‘s needed. We can help with that as well as everything else.
You just need to let us know whether you want a church wedding with a priest, a civilan wedding with a magistrate or be wedded by a chieftain of the old nordic religion, Asatru.

‚The Devil is in the details‘
The wedding planners we work with have extensive checklists of all the details that need attending so that you don‘t have to think of everything.  Together we can arrange for wedding photos and/or video, catering, the graphics, decorations, music, flowers etc.

The Transporter
Choose between a private luxury sedan, a limousine, an Icelandic Super-Jeep, a helicopter or an Icelandic horse for your wedding day. We will of course also take care of your guests and make sure they get from A to B with a private bus or any other means of transport you choose. You and your family and guests will also want to see a bit of Iceland and do some tours – which is of course our area of expertise and would be our pleasure.

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